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7 Healthy Tips That You Can Do To Prevent Diabetes or Reverse it

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Understanding Your Body and How To Prevent Diabetes:

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that has reached alarming proportions today. In the last three decades, the number of Americans diagnosed with diabetes has tripled. That’s why these 7 Healthy Tips That You Can Do To Prevent Diabetes or Reverse it are very important.

Diabetes can be prevented or reversed, if diagnosed early on, through a proper diet and adequate exercise.

If left untreated, it may lead to blindness, heart disease and several other complications. It is therefore very important to manage the disease by keeping blood sugar levels in control.

There are several natural ways of doing this, the first and foremost being altering one’s diet. A plant based diet has lower fat, higher fibre and antioxidants and is highly recommended.

diabetes medication - prevent diabetes

Here are a few healthy tips to prevent diabetes:

Take a Look:

  1. Reduce your sugar intake. Replace sodas with water and green tea. Green tea has enzymes that help to increase insulin activity in the body and slow down the digestion of carbohydrates.
  2. It is best to avoid refined carbohydrates and instead choose whole grains such as corn, oats, millets, barley, etc. Include beans, peas and lentils in your diet.
  3. Eat plenty of vegetables – greens are particularly helpful. Avoid potatoes and replace them with sweet potatoes, yams, and squashes.
  4. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes help control blood sugar levels naturally. However, avoid fatty fruits like avocado and olives and excessively sweet fruits like pineapple. A handful of nuts added to the diet help control blood glucose levels. Nuts contain good fats that are essential for heart health.
  5. Several plant extracts have been known to have anti-diabetic properties, for example, fenugreek seeds, neem leaves, aloe vera. Stevia has leaves that are naturally sweet and is an excellent substitute for sugar.
  6. Regular exercise is crucial in maintaining a healthy weight. Obesity is a major cause of diabetes. A minimum of 150 minutes of exercise a week is a must.
  7. Stress can have a negative impact on health in general and diabetes in particular. A good sleep and relaxation techniques like meditation, pranayama, listening to soothing music are very much recommended.

Measuring blood sugar- prevent diabetes

Hope you enjoyed my 7 tips on how to Prevent Diabetes…


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7 [Powerful] Secrets about How To Reverse Diabetes Naturally

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You’re here because you want to learn how to Reverse Diabetes Naturally?

Well you’ve came to the right place to find out how.

Take a look:

Diabetes, go ahead, you can say it.I am a Diabetic - reverse diabetes naturally

“I am a diabetic.”

It’s not the most comfortable thing to say, is it?

If we are being honest, it’s a bit scary to think about the changes you will have to make.

Here’s the thing though – it doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, there are things you can do to manage it, and in some cases reverse it.

You CAN get it under control.

This is SO important that it needs to be said again – You CAN get it under control.

Why is this so important?

It’s important to say because once you own it, once you say it, and once you decide to move forward to make this work, the faster you will get there.

There are far too many people who have taken this diagnosis, made little changes and opted to take the medication that was prescribed to them.

This isn’t a bad thing, please understand that we aren’t saying not to do these sorts of things, BUT you want a better quality of life, right?

That’s why you are here and reading this right now.

You want to be able to get your diabetes under control so that you can live a fuller life.

You want to reverse your diabetes, so you can get back to living your life, but there is one question that’s probably on your mind and has been for a while. We’re guessing it’s…

Can You really Reverse Diabetes Naturally?

The answer to this question may vary from person to person, and from medical professional to medical professional.

In a research study that was widely publicized, by lead research Christian Roberts of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), the following statement was made:

“The study shows, contrary to common belief, that Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome can be reversed solely through lifestyle changes…”






If you read the quote, it says that you CAN reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Did you see how?

Look again.

We’ll wait.

That’s right. You can reverse Diabetes naturally, and do it through lifestyle changes.

What kinds of lifestyle changes?

This post will show you everything you need to know:



Get a fancy treadmill? Move to a new city? Get a different car?


Two things:


That’s it.

You CAN reverse your diabetes naturally if you do those two things. Get your diet in check and get on an exercise program.

Now, you may be saying “Okay, I can do the diet, but I’m not a runner or a gym person.”

You don’t HAVE to be. All you need to do is SOME kind of exercise on a regular basis – On a daily basis really.

You don’t HAVE to go running. You can go walking.

If you prefer to be more mobile, then hop on your bike and go for a ride.

If you prefer to be in the water, then go swimming.

The key is to get going and get moving.

See, not so scary, right?

You CAN do this.

Okay, now that you know this can be done, let’s talk about some areas that may have been causing some confusion.

It’s highly likely that you have heard some people say a few things about diabetes. Unfortunately, they aren’t all true.

Let’s take a closer look at…

The Myths Surrounding Diabetes

Myth #1: Only people who are overweight get diabetes, in fact if you put on the weight you will probably end up getting it.


False on so many levels.

Just plain false.

While being overweight may put you at risk for getting Type 2 Diabetes, it doesn’t necessarily MEAN that you will get it. There are many other factors that come into play.

There are many people who are overweight who NEVER get diabetes. There are also many people at an appropriate weight who DO get it.

Myth #2: Once you become diabetic, you will need to go on a special diet for diabetics.


No “special” diabetic diet needed. While there may be foods labeled as being for diabetics, you won’t need to get these “special” foods.

The diet or nutrition plan that will help you control or reverse diabetes is really a healthy eating plan that anyone wanting to live healthier will want to follow.

Want to see what this plan looks like?

Take a peek:

  • Foods low in saturated fat
  • Watching your intake of salty and sugary foods
  • Lean proteins
  • Vegetables that are not high in starch
  • Whole grains

Sorry, not so special.

All it really calls for is for you to eat in moderation, watch the consumption of foods that are bad for you in the first place and to eat sensibly.

Myth #3: When you are diabetic you can no longer eat sweets.

Oh no! Say it isn’t so!

Thankfully, this one isn’t true.

Okay, so maybe you won’t be able to consume it in the large amounts that you have become used to in the past, BUT the takeaway here is that you won’t have to cut it out completely.

If you are partaking in a healthy dietary plan and exercising, then you can occasionally have a smaller portion of sweets every now and again.

Don’t go crazy and have them every day, and you should be able to indulge in your favorite sweets every once in a while.

Myth #4: If you are diagnosed as being diabetic, you need to take insulin.

The answer to this myth is…it depends on.

While there are some individuals who DO have to take insulin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU have to.

This all depends on how progressive your diabetes is.

If you have been diagnosed at an earlier stage, then you have a better chance of keeping it under control with medication and/or other lifestyle changes.

If you have been diagnosed at a later stage, then there may be a chance you need to take insulin.

The key here to understand is that having to take insulin is not a bad thing.

If there was a medication you could take that your Doctor told you would allow you to live longer, AND have a better quality of life, would you be mad?

That’s right. Look at it through a different lens and you’ll see that it’s not something that everyone has to do, BUT if you do, it’s not a bad thing.

Myth #5: Fruits and vegetables are healthy for you so you can eat as much of them as you want.

On the surface, eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis sounds like a good idea, but when you get into the high sugar content as well as hidden sugars in starchy fruits and vegetables, you are getting into a dangerous area.

If you add in how some of these are prepared, such as buttery mashed potatoes, then you are heading into an area that needs more evaluation.

When you speak with your health care professional, be sure to ask about your favorite fruits and vegetables, and also how much of them you can consume.

Still have some questions on your mind? Here’s some…


Reverse Diabetes Naturally Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

reverse daibetes naturally faqs

Question: Are there foods I will need to cut out completely or reduce severely like carbohydrates?

This would be very difficult to do, and there are things in carbohydrates that your body needs, so cutting them out completely is not realistic. If you follow a healthy diet and eat foods in moderation you can still have carbohydrates.

Question: If I just lose a lot of weight quickly through fasting and a liquid diet, will that take care of the problem?

Losing weight can help to get it under control, but if you aren’t watching your eating, then you can easily put the weight back on. The key here is to make a lifestyle change, not a one-time short-term change. If you aren’t making a lifestyle change, then going back to old habits can happen quickly.

Question: Do I have To Stop Drinking Alcohol?

Luckily, you won’t have to. You can still have alcohol, just don’t overindulge in it. Alcohol doesn’t need insulin to break it down for energy.

Drink alcohol in moderation, and don’t go overboard and you should be fine. Excessive drinking, though, has been shown to have some challenging effects on the control of glucose.

Before we end, let’s take a look at an area that may be of a concern to you – Insulin.

More importantly…

How To Help Your Body Produce Insulin Naturally

So, how can you help your body to produce insulin naturally?

Well, we’ll go back to the very beginning when we spoke of How To reverse your diabetes Naturally.

Remember those two points?

If you don’t, let us refresh your memory:


While it may sound simplistic, watching what you eat and put in your body, as well as getting regular exercise daily can help your body to produce insulin naturally.

As far as specific foods you should eat and things you should drink here is a short list of suggestions that may help:

Green Tea

Be sure to check with your health care professional to see what you can have and should specifically have for your situation.

Closing Thoughts:

We hope that this helped you to better understand what you can do to reverse diabetes Naturally.

While it can be scary when you are diagnosed, please know that there are things you can do to get it under control.

Yes, You CAN do this.

If you want more information and a comprehensive plan of action to take, please contact us for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you please fill free to leave a comment.… Read the rest