About Us

Medical health help has been created in an effort to help us take responsibility for our own health and take the initiative to research and become educated in all health matters. This education will help us to make good choices about natural methods to restore good health, live a long life and keep the best health possible.

That includes learning natural, drug-free methods to stay healthy which are not studied by doctors but which are natural to the body – unlike drugs.

Many of the illnesses and problems we face are very difficult to deal with but many of them are preventable by using the wisdom and knowledge of natural medicine, good nutritional meals and herbal supplement formulas.

This site is designed to bring to light the latest discoveries in natural health that are the most effective. Here there is information about ground-breaking products to help our bodies heal themselves, detoxify and recover from illness or injury that we thought wasn’t possible until now.

Our health and our family’s health is our responsibility and not the responsibility of the doctor. Doctors don’t study natural health. They don’t usually know the cause of our health problems. They are trained to treat symptoms and lessen our suffering as much as possible. I am grateful for the expertise and skills of our doctors and the fact that they have saved my life and the lives of many others. They are experts in western medicine, in surgery and they help us in times of acute distress. In eastern medicine there is a different school of thought and that is about preventing illness by eating the right foods and herbs and balancing the body’s energy, to stay healthy by natural remedies. For centuries Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbs and Foods have been used and still are being used as medicine. In the natural health arena there are miracles happening every day because of the wonderful natural products that are being developed to support our bodies in restoring health and well-being.

Knowing what products work is the key.