Eating Bee Pollen – How To Get The Maximum Benefits

Many people are now aware of the benefits of eating bee pollen, but there are some things you need to know about this natural wonder so you can get the maximum benefits. Otherwise, you may receive very little and even potentially harm your health by ingesting contaminants.

Eating bee pollen correctly

You can get some benefits by ensuring you are only eating bee pollen from your local area and know the practices used by the farms.

Far too often, the bees are not fed on natural foods and the surrounding area where they collect the pollen is often where harmful pesticides and insecticides are used.

The other barrier to getting the health benefits is bioavailability, but let’s look at the main benefits you could be getting first.

The health benefits of bee pollen

These are many and include better cardiovascular health, more energy, weight loss, longevity, anti aging for your skin, treatment for allergies, anti-cancer properties, especially for breast and prostate cancer, improved memory and concentration and many more.

Although much research is going into this natural wonder now, what is already known is enough to convince most people of its effectiveness to help them live a longer and much healthier life.

This superfood contains most of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary to sustain human life, such is its power.


As I mentioned earlier, eating bee pollen in its natural form will give you many benefits, but only if you eat a large amount everyday!

The problem is that the granules of pollen are very hard for your digestive system to break down, and normally only around 5% of the potency is released.

When freeze-dried, powdered and blended with enzymes like lipase and amylase, you can expect to get around 95% of the potency instead and the maximum health benefits.

The right source

Avoid the cheap imports from places like China as they often contain traces of toxins like heavy metals and pesticides. New Zealand actually produces some of the purest pollen products in the world as it is one of the last pristine environments left on the planet.

As you can see, eating bee pollen correctly can help you get the maximum health benefits from this natural food and protect your future well-being too.

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