What is a healthy baby temperature range?

The normal temperature range for a healthy baby is approximately between 36 degrees celsius and 36.8 degrees celsius (That’s 96.8 to 98.2 in Farenheit). Generally your baby’s temperature will be lowest in the morning and will be rise gradually in the day, regardless of whether they have a fever or not.

Delighted baby girl smiles at her pediatrician as he examines her chest with a stethoscope

Any higher than 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Farenheit) is classed as a high temperature.

How do I take my baby’s temperature?

You will usually be able to tell just from the feel of your baby whether they have a high temperature or not, however there are a few different ways to get an accurate reading of their temperature.

If you have a traditional thermometer it is best to put it under your baby’s armpit. Hold the thermometer against their skin, then hold their arm against their side. Hold it there for at least 5 minutes and you will have a fairly accurate reading of their temperature. The reason this isn’t the most accurate method is because it’s likely to be a little bit cooler than the core temperature because the thermometer is in contact with only the skin.

A more accurate method would be to use a digital thermometer on your baby’s ear. This is because the temperature of the inner ear is very close to that of your baby’s core. They’re very straight forward to use too, simply hold it in your baby’s ear until it displays a temperature. If you want to be as accurate as possible you can take multiple readings.

Another good way to read your baby’s temperature is to use forehead strips. Simply place the strip on you baby’s forehead and make sure you don’t touch the strip with your own fingers because it will affect the results. Forehead aren’t as accurate as thermometers but enough so that they will let you know if their is anything to worry about. Also, forehead strips are very easy to use, expecially if your baby moves around a lot.

What should I do if my baby has a high temperature?

It’s common for baby’s to have slightly higher than normal temperatures. The reason for this is because their immune system is busy adapting to bugs. If it’s higher than normal and your baby otherwise seems to be fine, chances are it will pass quickly and return to normal.

If your baby has other signs of illness as well as a higher than normal temperature, it’s important that you contact a doctor.